With Star Fox Zero releasing soon (on April 22 to be exact), Miyamoto sat down with TIME and told them some interesting tidbits about the game. In this article, he stated that Star Fox Zero initially had a different direction when it was announced – Miyamoto wanted to make the game more akin a TV series, as he considers the other entries in the Star Fox series to be akin to movies. After getting feedback from both the fans and the staff, Miyamoto decided to let go of that “TV series” direction and to make something more like Star Fox 64. However, he added that he is still interested in creating a Star Fox game that can be played in shorter bursts, as that fits better in the current age.

His exact words were:

“At the time of E3 2014, that was the direction. Afterward, going back to work on the game in Kyoto, we got a lot of feedback from Star Fox fans and fans on the staff. And what we decided to do at that point was take the game more in the direction of Star Fox 64. So it will feel more like a longer form movie, and we did that because we wanted to try to complete the game in a way that will satisfy those longtime fans.

“But I still have a desire to create Star Fox in a form that’s maybe better suited to the current age, where people have different competing demands for their time, where you’d be able to play maybe in shorter bursts in a more compact form. So I’ll continue to look at those ideas and see what we can do with them in the future.” — Shigeru Miyamoto

Do you think it would have been a better idea to create something that was not like Star Fox 64 at all? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: TIME

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