We’ve heard a lot recently about Nintendo’s interest in film production, but during their recent shareholder meeting, Nintendo producer Shigeru Miyamoto seemed to take on a very different stance from what we’ve been hearing. While previously we’ve received reports that Nintendo is working with partners and wants a film out in the next five years, here Miyamoto said something very different: “to avoid any misunderstandings, we have never said that we will produce a movie.”

To be fair, this
is true, as Nintendo has only stated that they’re in specific talks” to make video content, but they’ve certainly implied it heavily over the last few months. It may be a case of them just not wanting to confirm it and trying to quell reports to the contrary, but this may also have something to do with a different quote from Kimishima, who stated that they were looking into video content beyond just films. Perhaps Nintendo is looking more into shorts like the Pikmin films?

Whatever the case, Kimishima
reiterated that the team is focusing on “how we can utilize the Nintendo IP in video content as part of the broader effort to put our IP to practical use,” so if a film is the best way for them to do that, we will likely see one from Nintendo. But at least for right now, Miyamoto and the rest of the team don’t appear ready to explicitly confirm or deny that a movie is on the way.

What do you think of this new comment from Miyamoto? Should Nintendo focus their efforts on making a movie, or should they instead look into other forms of video content? Give us your thoughts in the comments!

Source: GameSpot

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