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Miyamoto Wants F-Zero and Star Fox Developed Internally


When asked by IGN‘s Richard George what the presence of hoverkarts in Mario Kart 8 might mean for the future of the F-Zero franchise, Miyamoto’s response was a bit disconcerting. He asked Miyamoto, then, if games like F-Zero or Wave Race are, quite simply, suited for older generations of Nintendo hardware and have no place in modern gaming. Since franchises like Mario Kart entertain new entries on a regular basis, with slightly incremental gameplay changes, then what explains the lack of imaginative, creative potential in a title like F-Zero? Miyamoto responds:

“It’s tough, (…) We come to the show and we bring a lot of great franchises and everyone says, ‘Oh, well, where’s this game that I want to play? Where’s something new?’ I only have so much capacity. [laughs] Obviously in the past we’ve tried to work with other companies, where we’ve let them develop games for us in franchises like Star Fox and F-Zero, but the more we think about it, the more we prefer to be able to create those games internally, on our own. We’ve obviously, as I mentioned, been working on what we can do to increase our internal staff in a way that will allow us to have more projects going at the same time, so we can create new games and work on additional old IP and still maintain the other primary franchises that people want to see.”

There is simply no reason to Miyamoto’s rhyme when explaining, in this context, why Nintendo chooses to put certain titles on the back-burner and, furthermore, chooses to forego aid from third or second parties as they did in the past. It is in my opinion, a slight pity that Nintendo cannot see to trust SEGA again (for instance), with an F-Zero U title.

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