Star Fox Zero was one of Nintendo’s biggest titles at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. Shigeru Miyamoto himself has had a big hand in the development of the game alongside Yusuke Hashimoto from Platinum Games. At a recent press event, Miyamoto talked about how the focus of the new Star Fox game is on the gameplay as well as the visual style. He then spoke out about why they ultimately decided upon a cartoony art direction for the game.

Miyamoto’s reasoning seems to be based on his reactions towards the visual style of most other modern games today. Here’s a quote from the press event that shows this:

“A lot of games nowadays look so realistic that they all look the same,” — Shigeru Miyamoto

From that quote alone we can tell that the game’s final art style was designed to make it stand out from the current monotony of hyper-realism. What do you think about Star Fox Zero‘s art direction? Do you agree with Miyamoto’s statement? Make sure to let us know in the comment section below!

Source: Wall Street Journal

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