With the surprise announcement of Nintendo’s latest handheld console, the 2DS, plenty of gamers are left with one question in their minds: can I carry it around as easily as the 3DS? The tablet design was apparently chosen to cut costs, using one bigger screen cut by the case as opposed to two smaller cases. Is the lower price worth the new design, though? Moffitt spoke about this issue in an interview with Games Industry.

GI: Yeah. I was wondering if you could just talk a bit about the thinking behind the specific hardware layout and configuration.

Scott Moffitt: A lot of it is driven by wanting to achieve a price point that is more accessible for consumers. The 3DS screen is a fairly expensive piece of equipment that’s built into the system. Removing the 3D capability allowed us to get to a better price point. The hinged clamshell design is also an issue. There’s a carrying case that’s sold that allows you to pop that into a backpack or throw it in a suitcase if you’re on the road or getting in the car or if you just want to carry it with you. That, we think, is probably the predominant way that consumers might carry it around. I don’t think kids would carry it around in their pocket that often now anyway. I think that’s what went into the design. How can we achieve the price point in the most economical manner?

GI: So for handhelds, you’re saying portability isn’t as much as a factor as it used to be?

Scott Moffitt: No, I think portability is still a factor. My point is just that I don’t think kids fold it and put it in their pocket very often. This shouldn’t be any less portable than a base 3DS or a DS today. But portability is clearly important.

Do you think it’s still important to be able to carry your handheld in your pocket? Will you be picking up the 2DS this October? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Games Industry

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