Last November we reported that Nintendo had officially started hiring for the next Zelda. Since then they’ve unveiled a remake of Link’s Awakening and a NecroDancer crossover titled Cadence of Hyrule. However, neither of these games seem to fit the description of Nintendo’s hiring ads, which suggests there’s a third, bigger game in the works. Today we learned that Monolith Soft is also helping develop that game.

Monolith Soft is best known for their work on the Xenoblade franchise, but they’ve also played in a role in developing Zelda games like Skyward Sword, A Link Between Worlds, and Breath of the Wild. According to Monolith Soft’s website, they’ll be lending a helping hand once again on the next Zelda. A hiring post shows they’re aiming to recruit Technical Artists, Programmers, Planners, Designers, and Management Support.

With two of Nintendo’s top teams working hard on the next Zelda, hopefully it won’t be too long of a wait. It’s been just over two years since Breath of the Wild, the last big console Zelda game, made its debut. Given its immense success, I’m sure Nintendo would love to capitalize with a sequel before the end of Switch’s life cycle.

Source: Monolith Soft (via Resetera)

Ben Lamoreux


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