The latest issue of Dengeki Nintendo features high-quality prints of the continents in Xenoblade Chronicles X, along with newly revealed information on them. Each continent contains different kinds of locations that you can discover for various types of rewards.

Zones are expansive regions and are the only subset of Areas that don’t award you with bonuses. Finding an Area will provide you with additional Inner XP, while Base Camps boost your Battle Points. Landmarks and Frontier Net Spots will give you an increase in both. You can gain even more Inner XP from discovering a Superb View or one of the hidden Unexplored Regions.

The Valley of Oblivion is a dangerous desert continent that’s home to a massive ravine. Be wary of lightning strikes while exploring this region; they will keep damaging you until you find cover. You can protect yourself from some of the damage by having Bolt resistance. Humans aren’t the only ones on planet Mira. Alien bases can be discovered in the western Twiluminous Forest and the northern Land of Black Steel. The latter is also home to a mysterious pipe that extends deep underground.

You can view the map scans in the gallery below. We’ve also combined them into a singular massive (4000×4000) map that can be viewed here.

Source: Dengeki Nintendo (via Gessenkou)

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