As part of a series of updates to the Xenoblade Chronicles X official website, Monolith Soft has revealed the nature of the downloadable content planned for the upcoming Wii U RPG. DLC products include a series involving new playable characters available for ¥500 JPY (roughly equivalent to $4.21 USD) and a series of additional quest packs available for ¥300 JPY ($2.52 USD). In total there are seven DLC products which will be available in a discounted bundle for ¥2000 JPY ($16.83 USD), saving ¥900 JPY ($7.57 USD).

Each character DLC pack provides a line of three quests involving that character. Completing their quests will make them an available party member with unique Arts (special attacks), as well as granting special rewards. Completing the young HB’s quest line provides players with the Policemen Skell, while the older, battle-hardened Boze’s quests unlock the Yumbo Skell. Ierv is unique in that his quest line grants players an extra-powerful weapon, while Aksena comes with the Excavator Skell.

There are also three quest DLC packs that will offer missions to help raise your level, earn you more money, and increase your party’s affinity (Xenoblade‘s way of tracking the strength of relationships between characters). They each contain six quests at tiers dependent on your level.

You can view images of the new characters in the gallery below. Please note that all this information is intended for a Japanese audience. All names and dollar prices are subject to change for Western release.

Japan will get Xenoblade Chronicles X tomorrow (April 29) and the DLC on May 8. Other regions have been given a general 2015 release window. Do you think this DLC sounds reasonable? Are you upset about Nintendo releasing DLC so close to a game’s launch? Comment below.

Source: Monolith Soft (via DualShockers)

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