GameSpot recently sat down with Monolith Soft head Tetsuya Takahashi to discuss the goings-on at the studio. Considering Monolith Soft is currently most known for the Xenoblade series, which many see as a marriage of Japanese role-playing qualities with Western RPG and MMO concepts, it was a no-brainer that Takahashi would be asked about what influence he takes from games of Western origin.

Takahashi explained that he likes to keep up with what’s happening in the realm of Western video games:

“I play a number of western games, sometimes for fun, sometimes for research. I’m sure there was some influence that I would pick from them. For me personally, I prefer JRPGs, but I will always pick up and play a little bit of each Grand Theft Auto that comes out. And I’m the sort of person who will probably never clear the main story, but I’ll usually play a little bit of the Fallout games when they come out as well. BioWare games are also something that I’ll play out of interest as well.”
— Tetsuya Takahashi

One recent release made a particularly strong impact on Takahashi:

“Something that has impressed me recently was Grand Theft Auto V. They managed to marry the gameplay and story, and showcased the story in such a way that you really did feel like you were the main character in a movie. That was handled exceptionally well.”
— Tetsuya Takahashi

Meanwhile, Takahashi commented on his quest to discover the secret formula that allows some JRPGs to become worldwide sensations. In doing so, he pays close attention to the Western response to his games:

“We do take into consideration the needs and the reactions of western audiences when designing games. After the success of Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii—I believe it had better sales overall abroad than it did in Japan—I was very interested in following along with the reactions that I was seeing outside of Japan. That’s definitely something that I will continue to consider going forward, but I also, of course, have to balance that with the needs of the Japanese market as well. Though that balance may shift from project to project, depending on how people’s’ tastes and reactions are changing.”
— Tetsuya Takahashi

Source: GameSpot

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