Ntower, a German gaming news site, recently did an interview with Shintaro Kojima and Ryozo Tsujimoto, both from Capcom, about Monster Hunter Generations. Some information that came up in those interviews has already been thoroughly explained, such as the inclusion of the new combat styles and the fact that there are four flagship monsters instead of just one. On the other hand, the interview also revealed some new information, and it also went into a little more detail when it comes to the Prowler Mode.

In Prowler Mode, you play as a Felyne, the cat-like companions who have become a staple for the Monster Hunter series. The gameplay in this mode will feel slightly simplified as the Felynes don’t have to deal with a stamina gauge and won’t be able to use items. However, they do less damage than human Hunters and will have a certain array of skills to take care of necessities like healing.

Capcom also has added some more depth to the Sword and Shield weapon combination, as it will be possible to put an item on the tip of your sword to give the weapon an added effect in the same manner as coatings work.

Some DLC costumes will stay exclusive to Japan, but there will also be DLC costumes exclusive to the West, like the Fire Emblem and Okami themed DLC.

Finally, they also stated that there will be no Amiibo support and that they are not planning to bring the Monster Hunter series back to consoles.

Source: Ntower (via Nintendo Everything)

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