Capcom’s latest Monster Hunter adventure is an unprecedented success. In a few short months, it quickly became Capcom’s best-selling game ever and boosted them to record profits. Monster Hunter: World passed up 8 million copies sold last month, and that was before it released on PC. After a phenomenal launch on that platform (with nearly a quarter million concurrent users on day one), Monster Hunter World has just passed another milestone.

Capcom has officially announced that sales of Monster Hunter: World now top 10 million worldwide. The game was sitting at 8.3 million as of July 30th, which means at least 1.7 million units have been sold in the past three weeks alone, much of that coming from the PC launch. This boost in sales has also pushed the franchise as a whole to a milestone, as Monster Hunter games have now combined for over 50 million total sales since 2004.

Source: GameSpot

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