This month’s surprise Nintendo Direct Mini dropped a number of bitesized bombshells, and one particular piece of news that has speedrunners in a tizzy is the upcoming DLC soon arriving to Super Mario Odyssey. The free “Luigi’s Balloon World” update due sometime next month will finally add the younger Mario brother into the world of Odyssey (though not in a playable fashion, unfortunately), where players can challenge their peers the world over in hiding and seeking balloons in various kingdoms.

For those who like to change up Mario’s attire, the February update will also include a trio additional costumes, but it looks like more outfits could be filling in the Mushroom Kingdom hero’s wardrobe in the future. Nintendo has confirmed that more outfits than the three presented during the Direct will be added with the Balloon World DLC, and other costumes are being planned for future updates.

Mario’s costumes in Super Mario Odyssey weren’t only thematically appropriate, but were in fact easter eggs themselves: from obvious getups like the Dr. Mario ensemble to lesser known references like his Scientist costume, pulled wholesale from an old Super Game Boy commercial. What other outfits would you like to see in Odyssey? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

Source: Nintendo JP (via Nintendo Everything)

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