Today was a big day for Pokémon Sun and Moon news, as the Official Pokémon Channel released a brand new trailer showing off new Pokémon, new Alola region forms for existing Pokémon, powerful new attacks called Z-Moves, and big changes to the adventure formula. If all of those juicy details aren’t enough to satisfy you, you’ll be happy to know that more news isn’t far away.

Following the release of today’s trailer, The Pokémon Company revealed that the next update on
Pokémon Sun and Moon is coming on Friday, August 12th at 10:00 AM Japan time. For the United States, that’s actually Thursday, August 11th at 9:00 PM Eastern or 6:00 PM Pacific. For viewers in the UK, the info will be coming at 2:00 AM on August 12th. We’ll be covering all of the news as it breaks, so keep your eyes on Gamnesia for all the latest Pokémon Sun and Moon goodness!

Source: Serebii

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