Mother 3, the sequel to EarthBound, had a notoriously difficult development process. Ideas were scrapped and projects restarted time and time again as development shifted from Super Nintendo to Nintendo 64DD to Game Boy Advance. After twelve years and numerous re-imaginings, the game eventually saw release, and along the way, it inspired another franchise that would dwarf it in popularity.

The latest episode of Did You Know Gaming does an excellent job breaking down Mother 3‘s troubled development, eventual release, and obscure references and Easter eggs. Along the way, they reveal that creator Shigesato Itoi’s original vision for the game was eventually transformed into a new IP.

Itoi initially pictured Mother 3 as taking place entirely in a single town. The protagonist would have been a detective living above a supermarket. In order to progress the plot and collect new evidence for crime-solving, the detective would have to build relationships with the townspeople, and the town would accordingly change over time. This idea would later serve as the basis for the Animal Crossing franchise, with the late Satoru Iwata calling it the “realization” of Itoi’s dream.

For this and more insights into Mother 3, check out the latest episode of Did You Know Gaming by clicking above!

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