1. So far, Malamar is my favorite. That Topsy-Turvy move was real handy when the opponent used Iron Defense twice in a row. They were a breeze to defeat after that.

  2. I thought Toxel was alright, until it evolved into a gorgeous yellow (yes, that version) Toxtricity. I LOVE MY PUNK ROCK SPYRO-LOOKING DUDE

  3. I’m not playing SW/SH but my favorite is Hattrem, because I, too, will knock the fuck out of anyone for experiencing any emotion.

  4. I was lucky enough to get a shiny Dreepy while breeding so I now owe my shiny Dragapult my life. I also adore Grimsnarl and Eiscue. So many good designs came with these games.

  5. Idk. Maybe dreadnaw or cinderace? None of the new pokemon broke into my top 20-25. Kinda a meh pokedex.

  6. Weezing AKA PokeBong!!! Lmao🤣😂

  7. My vileplume raised her from an Oddish to her final form we’re gonna finish the game together 😍

  8. Falinks! Even though I’m not using it.

    Drednaw and Polteageist are up there.

  9. Looks like grandma, the fuckin thing

  10. Yooo it’s my boy Taz ! 🤣

  11. I gotta say Drednaw and Corviknight they both are just badass looking Pokemon

  12. I am OBSESSED with both Alcremie and Hatterene♡

    They have both already taken some of my top spots of favorite Pokemon overall♡

  13. I love this chunky apple pie cutie, even if he has weird flappy eyes.

  14. Rillaboom and Grimsnarl are my favorites.

  15. Fakemon Sinistea master race

  16. Definitely ruingrigus or dracovish hes stupid looking but I like it

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