Nintendo terminated their long time rewards program, Club Nintendo, last year, but they’ve just replaced it with My Nintendo. Like its predecessor, My Nintendo lets players rack up points by purchasing Nintendo products and interacting with Nintendo services, and those points can be redeemed for prizes. However, unlike Club Nintendo, My Nintendo currently only rewards digital purchases. Speaking with IGN, Nintendo product marketing manager Bill Trinen explained that Nintendo is currently only focusing on digital, but that the company has “a lot of ideas” for expanding My Nintendo in the future, which could lead to rewards for physical purchases.

“Initially, the focus is going to be on digital, but we do have a lot of ideas for what roll out down the road for packaged goods or real world interactions. I think we’ll continue to look at My Nintendo and how we can grow that as a rewards program, so that it really is trying to encompass all the different touch points of how people come into contact with Nintendo products.”
— Bill Trinen

Players were able to earn Club Nintendo coins by redeeming codes that came packaged with physical games. Hopefully My Nintendo adopts a similar policy soon.

Source: IGN

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