For as long as there has been talk of an Uncharted movie, there have been thousands of dedicated fans begging for Nathan Fillion to play Nathan Drake. Fillion has long been thought to possess the looks and personality to pull off the role, and there are more than just a few similarities between the lives of Drake and Malcolm Reynolds, Fillion’s character on Firefly.

The film has been tossed around for years with little progress, switching up writers and directors along the way. Last year it seemed progress was being made, as a script was completed. We even heard a report that Spider-Man actor Tom Holland was attached as a young Nathan Drake, with the film serving as a prequel to the events of the games. Why, then, does Fillion seem to be teasing an Uncharted announcement?

Fillion recently took to Instagram to post a picture of rapper Drake along with the caption “Sic Parvis Magna. 7/16/18.” That Latin phrase (which roughly translates as “Greatness from small beginnings”) was the personal motto of adventurer Sir Francis Drake. This motto was engraved on a ring that eventually came into Nathan Drake’s possession.

So what does it all mean? It seems likely that an Uncharted announcement is on the way, but what role does Nathan Fillian have in all of this? Apparently we’ll find out on Monday.

Source: Nathan Fillion

Ben Lamoreux


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