If you feel that your Xbox One library’s a bit thin at the moment, it’s about to put on some metaphorical weight. Cryptic Studios’ Free-to-Play MMORPG Neverwinter will be made available on the Xbox One with a worldwide release date somewhere in the first half of 2015. However, expect that some features will be missing, as lead producer Andy Velasquez explained that certain endgame features will be delayed.

“Since we launched on PC, we’ve added some bits to the endgame, and then we added another module which had another campaign at the endgame. So we’ll probably stagger those releases [in the console version].”
— Andy Velasquez

Furthermore, Cryptic Studios also revealed a PC expansion called
Tyranny of Dragons, which will launch on August 14th. Unsurprisingly, the expansion’s storyline will heavily feature dragons, and it will revolve around the Cult of the Dragon.

“In the tabletop world, players are going to be playing that storyline, that module, and trying to figure out what this new group of the Cult of the Dragon is up to. And they’ll also be able to do that same thing in Neverwinter. There are differences. In Neverwinter, it takes form as this guided story that … doesn’t take them to endgame, but stays with the player in something that evolves over time, starting at level 26 all the way up to level 60.”
— Rob Overmeyer, Neverwinter Executive Producer

On top of that, the expansion will also introduce the Scourge Warlock, a new class in
Neverwinter, as well as the Dragonborn (no, not that Dragonborn), a new playable race unlockable by purchasing the Dragonborn Legend Pack, currently priced at $100 (though is available for $75 until August 14th).

Have you tried out
Neverwinter? Will you stayed tuned for either the Xbox One release or the PC expansion?

Source: IGN

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