Following today’s Xenoblade Chronicles X Direct, the Nintendo Treehouse offered us a live gameplay demo of various segments of the game, including the mission where you first meet the Nopon Tatsu, on- and off-foot exploration of the game’s jungle continent, and a look inside the BLADE Home and the various menus that allow you to customize your fleet of mechs.

Speaking of the mechs, you might have come to know them as Dolls. However, they’ve been renamed for the English release as Skells (short for exoskeleton). The video also contained the official English names of X‘s continents. The first (the grasslands area) is Primordia, and the aforementioned “jungle continent” is Noctilum. Oblivia is the name of the desert region, and the northern ashen badlands and volcanic continents will be called Sylvalum and Cauldros, respectively.

The footage also reveals a few new details about the mechanics of Xenoblade Chronicles X. For example, many of the cutscenes will present you with choices that effect how things play out. Also, during the BLADE Home segment, the hosts mention that you’ll be able to make some customizations to this headquarters of yours.

You can check out the full video above. Xenoblade Chronicles X releases for Wii U on April 29 in Japan, while other regions will unfortunately have to suffer a long, painful wait until an unknown date later this year.

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