A demo from Nintendo Treehouse: Live @ E3 showcased some Bravely Second: End Layer gameplay. The footage showed a boss battle, the holder of the Wizard asterisk. The boss, who works for one of the main villains, controlled a creepy levitating doll and used a move called Wall that increases defense and reflects player’s moves for three turns. Midway through the battle a cutscene showed the entrance of Edea Lee.

In this title, Agnès acts as pope of the Crystal Orthodoxy. Your starting character is the leader of her guard, who is sent to her rescue when she’s been kidnapped. Agnès now appears in the bottom screen and communicates with players via a blue pendant, similar to
Bravely Default‘s Airy. The area level is displayed in the top right of the touchscreen, indicating what range of character levels is recommended to complete that part of the game. The game’s main villain is a Cryst-Fairy with black wings and black clothes.

You can watch the full demo yourself above!

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