The Cat Master is an exciting new Job that will be available in Bravely Second, and we’ve found new details on what it takes to master felines. Atsushi Okubo, who also did work on Soul Eater, created a sketch of the character Minette Goroneze sporting the Cat Asterisk.

Along with Minette, there’s an older man that stays with her—he wields the Astrology Asterisk. As a Cat Master, Minette’s main commands are “Put to Work” and “Order”. Each command gives you access to many different cat-based abilities, allowing you take control of your battles by causing sleep or lowering enemy stats. Another ability named “Cat Attack” allows the player to utilize items to elicit specific cat-tacular moves. If you’d like to use the stronger “Special Cat Attack” you must use two items, and the item you use dictates the color of the cat that executes the move.

Notice the pink, sparkly kitty in the picture below? To avoid drawing too well, the artist relied on his non-dominant hand to create a cat which would suit the development staff’s liking. It’s quite a adorable, and I like where the class is going. How do you feel about this new, odd job? Tell us in our comment section below.

Source: Siliconera

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