After being promoted to Executive Producer, Andie Nordgren (also known as her in-game alias CCP Seagull) has pushed for a new wave of change for
EVE Online. Of course, this began with solidifying long-running mechanics and changing old ones. Things like manual control, infinite skill training, and redesigned territory control have been on players’ wish lists for years, and in the span of months we have gotten all of that and more.

However, one thing has always lacked in regards to
EVE—the advertisements. Although they have always been flashy, they perpetually failed to showcase what the game is actually about. When playing it, you have to remove preconceptions about twitch-combat or set-pieces and acknowledge the player-focused perspective that EVE takes on game design. Honestly, this is a hard thing to accomplish in trailers, as they are forced into pre-developed content.

“This Is EVE” advertisement changes all of that by using player-provided content, though. By combining player-recorded communications with recreations of the events surrounding them, this trailer accurately showcases the experience on offer. You can find it above, but be warned—it does use some strong language.

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