Kirby: Planet Robobot information seems to be coming at us quicker than expected. Despite revealing two new Armor Modes earlier this week, we now have three more confirmed modes present in the game. In a gameplay video uploaded by GameXplain today, the Bomb, Cutter, and Zap Modes were shown off, as well as each of their abilities. At the rate this is going, there seems to be a pretty good chance that there is a corresponding Armor Mode for every normal Copy Ability that Kirby has. Time will tell, however.

Two of the three new modes in question have actually made some brief appearances before. Both the Cutter and Bomb modes were seen in glimpses during the initial
Planet Robobot trailer, albeit without any inkling of what they were. The Zap mode, however, is totally brand new. Zap mode itself seems to be similar to the previously detailed Beam mode, though it fires in a different attack pattern (both modes are seen in the video, so you can see the exact difference there). Cutter mode allows Kirby to use dual chainsaws to cut through obstacles and enemies alike. Bomb mode sends out Bob-Omb like creatures that walk along the ground as they seek out any enemies to help speed up their untimely demise.

What’s more, the footage shows off exactly how you switch between modes: scanning. While not necessarily new if you have been skimming through the announcement trailer, it’s seen in much greater detail here. Kirby will scan enemies, who then become energy absorbed by the Armor. In concept, it’s the exact same thing as inhaling them. But in practice, it is pretty rad.

How does the uncut gameplay look to you? What do you think of the new and more detailed Armor Modes? Let us know in the comments below!

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