The Monster Hunter series has always been one of Capcom’s greatest hits, except with their western audiences. However, that was only until their most recent entry, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, was released. The game allowed new players easier access to the series by providing an easy tutorial system, yet it still catered to the hardcore players by providing the brutal combat that the series is known for. The upcoming entry to the Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter X, looks to be shaping up to successfully follow in these rather big footsteps.

Monster Hunter X looks to bring both old and new together, with hunting grounds and towns from previous locations being mixed in with new locations to explore, hunt, and socialize in. Other added features are found in the fighting styles of each weapon available. Combat seems much more fluid and agile in Monster Hunter X, with your character making leaps into the air without the need for ledges or insect glaives to launch yourself. It’s easier to show what is different when fighting than it is to explain it, so if you look above you can see an example of several weapon styles, such as the Long Sword and Hunting Horn.

I, for one, am very excited to see how combat has changed in Monster Hunter X and am also looking forward to putting in hundreds hours of hunting like I have in previous entries. What do you guys think about the changes to combat being made? Sound off below!

Source: DualShockers

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