“Some gamers thought that they would punish a woman who wrote Dragon Age 2 for daring to write Dragon Age 2 by threatening to find her kids on the way to school and kill them to let them know that they should have been aborted rather than have Jennifer Hepler as a mother. So now we’ve gotta do an episode on that, and that gives me no joy, but here we are, you fuckin’ idiots.” — Jim Sterling

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’re probably well aware of how ridiculous the flaming hatred coming from a very vocal minority of gamers has gotten. They managed to crack Phil Fish last month and have almost certainly been spewing death and rape threats at whichever developers are behind their newest target. They’re insipid, they’re toxic, their assholes, and worst of all, they persist.

In what’s starting to become a more and more consistent topic on the show, today’s episode of Jimquisition is about a recent bit of harassment in which a former BioWare writer’s kids were threatened to be murdered as they walked to school. Now, of course I don’t actually expect any of these threats to come to fruition, but if you think the absence of literal intent to murder justifies constantly harassing someone with death threats, then you might want to rethink a few of your values.

Harassment is becoming more and more of a constant reality in the gaming community, and I’d wager that sooner or later it’ll start to really take its toll on our industry and our medium, so I think it’s high time we stopped just letting this stuff happen.

Our Verdict

Barry Herbers
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