When the 3DS was released, many complained about its lack of good content available at launch. So when Nintendo prepared to release the Wii U about a year and half later, they proclaimed again and again that the same mistakes would not be made this time around, Wii U will have a great launch lineup. And yet, even with the much stronger list of day one titles on Wii U, nowadays gamers are distraught with the lack of content on Wii U while they’re having a ball playing great 3DS games. Sure, some of that can be chocked up to the longer lifespan of the 3DS, but if what Jim Sterling has to say is true, I’d conjecture we can also blame Nintendo’s intense focus on making sure Wii U had games day one.

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Barry Herbers
I write editorials here at Gamnesia and occasionally some news (though far less often than I used to). Here's some of my work, long-form game essays, if you have any interest in that sort of stuff: The Amount of Content in a Game Has Nothing to do with its Price A Game's Atmosphere is Defined by its Mechanics, Not its Aesthetic The Witcher 3's Introduction is Terribly Paced and Too Restrictive of its Players I'm looking forward to The Last Guardian (had it pre-ordered since 2010), Rime, Night in the Woods, and Vane. If I had a niche, it would probably be the somewhat higher fidelity indie games, as take up most of the spots on that list. I'm also developing a no-budget video game with a friend, and you can follow me on Twitter (@TheVioletBarry) to hear about that and anything else I feel like saying. Film, games, it's that sort of stuff.


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