The recent Mortal Kombat X story trailer has revealed a copious new amount of confirmed and possible characters. This trailer showcases the story mode’s main protagonists and some of the forces they will be opposing. The first new character we meet is Jacqueline Briggs, who is the daughter of Jax, and she is accompanied by Blind Kenshi’s son Takashi Takeda. Cassie Cage is seen in action again, and the troupe is led by the son of Kung Lao, Kung Jin. The only confirmed returning foe is Milenna.

The trailer still remains a bit elusive with what other characters it holds. It is still uncertain if these characters will be playable or if they are simply story elements. Fallen Elder God Shinnok and gunslinger Erron Black can be seen hidden in the background near the start of the trailer, around the 0:30 and 0:40 mark. Another fighter, which appears to be Rain, kicks Kotal Kahn down. A large group of Tarkata warriors is shown during the trailer as well, which could suggest that fan favorite Baraka is returning.

What do you think about the trailer? Any ideas on what could be happening between the realms? Let us know in the comments below!

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