Nintendo is releasing the New Nintendo 3DS in Europe right now for members of the “Ambassador Programme.” Some users are receiving emails regarding this offer, providing them the chance to buy the New Nintendo 3DS in white, with two exclusive faceplates, starting Tuesday the 6th and ending on Monday the 12th. This is surprising considering that the New Nintendo 3DS doesn’t have a US or EU release date yet, but certain individuals will presumably own the system this week.

“The New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Edition bundle includes: a New Nintendo 3DS system in White which comes with an exclusive Ambassador Edition back cover plate, an exclusive Ambassador Edition front cover plate, a New Nintendo 3DS stylus, a 4 GB microSDHC memory card, a set of AR Cards, a Quick-Start Guide, an Operations Manual, a set of front and back Super Smash Bros. cover plates and a charging cradle for the console in White.”

The system is selling exclusively on the Nintendo Store priced at £179.99, and is set to deliver within 3–5 days. Besides these details, the page features all promotional information for the product that we already have in English thanks to the Australian release last year.

We don’t know what quite qualifies you to receive this offer. I personally received an invite to the program, and have purchased both the regular 3DS and 3DS XL on launch days. This means I was also a member of the original ambassador program, where Nintendo gave out a variety of eShop games to soften the blow of the huge price drop.

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