Nintendo revealed the New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL during today’s Nintendo 3DS Direct. Because this new model has a more powerful CPU capable of better graphics, it will have some exclusive games that won’t play on a regular 3DS or 3DS XL including a handheld port of Xenoblade Chronicles. As such, many of our viewers have asked us about the reverse—will it play all 3DS and DS games? Nintendo has responded to this question in an FAQ, and although their wording is a little indirect, it appears the answer is yes.

Here’s an excerpt from the Nintendo FAQ on New Nintendo 3DS:

Question: Can it play all Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS games?

Answer: As far as Nintendo DS/DSi software goes, it won’t be able to play game cartridges that require a specific connections to the cartridge slots, such as the ones that required the GBA cartridge slot on the DS Lite and DS.

Judging by this answer, it is definitely backwards compatible with all regular 3DS games. As for DS games, it looks like a yes as well, at least to the same extent that 3DS is backwards compatible with DS games. There you go, Nintendo fans. No worries about your old game library!

Source: Nintendo Everything via Zelda Informer

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