Last last year in Japan, Nintendo launched New Nintendo 3DS, a new model of the handheld featuring a faster CPU, improved stereoscopic 3D, extra shoulder buttons, and more new features. The XL model of New Nintendo 3DS was brought to the US in February, and early results were impressive, with 3DS outselling all other hardware in February. Nintendo of America Vice President Scott Moffitt talked about the strong launch recently, stating that the sales of the XL model were actually 40% higher than even Nintendo had planned for, causing some shortages.

“We were short on product when we first launched the [New Nintendo 3DS XL]. It was selling 40 percent above what we were forecasting and expecting. All we’ve shared in regards to numbers of the system is that we’ve sold half a million units in the first couple of months.”
— Scott Moffitt

If you made the upgrade to New Nintendo 3DS, do you think it was worth it? If you haven’t, what would it take for you to do so? Sound off in the comments!

Source: Examiner

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