Ever since Mortal Kombat X‘s announcement at E3 last year, there have been questions about which returning character will appear in the game. Recently, it was revealed through a post made on Testyourmight.com that Kung Lao will be making a return to the series, but he seems a bit different this time.

User AeroGrunt presented the new information on the forum along with a translation from the Finnish magazine Pelaaja, which had the coverage. Images from the magazine article depicted a more hardened and aged version of Kung Lao; this is to be expected, given that Mortal Kombat X‘s storyline takes place twenty-five years after the events in Mortal Kombat. The three different fighting styles for Kung Lao were also revealed in the magazine.

“The differences between Kung Lao’s Tempest-, Buzz Saw- and Hat Trick -variations happen to be the biggest ones yet. With Tempest Kung Lao uses more spinning attacks and has the ability to set his hat to spin around him as a shield of sorts. In his Buzz Saw variation his hat is sharpened with razor blade edges and allows the player to control his hat throws more. Hat Trick is the most experimental of the three, because you can throw and call back your hat at any point you want. This keeps the opponent on their toes, because the hat can extend combos.” — Pelaaja

Another new development from the article was how Ed Boon, Mortal Kombat‘s creator, wanted to make online features more complex and involving. Players will be able to pick from five different factions: Lin Kuei, White Lotus, Brotherhood of Shadows, Special Force, and Black Dragon. As players fight online they can earn “battle points” for their faction, and these points will affect how the player’s single-player and multiplayer menus will look, along with other aspects that are still to be announced.

Quan Chi was announced as a returning character back in October, so the possibility of more familiar characters returning is possible. Boon has emphasized how he desires to bring new characters into the series, though, so we can hope for a new character reveal next before the game’s release on April 14th.

How do you feel about being able to cut off enemies heads with a hat again? What else do you think these factions will contribute to? Different ranking systems? Faction-based competition? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: IGN

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