Rumors have been meandering around the internet on a new type being introduced into the Pokémon franchise, with Sylveon being the face of the change. Although there has been little to no actual information on the speculation, Pokémon Smash, a TV show in Japan, may have confirmed a modification to the well-known battle system that is sure to make thousands of competitive players flip their respective tables.

During the episode of Pokémon Smash, many of the show’s hosts cosplayed as evolutions of Eevee. One of them was dressed as Sylveon, the latest introduction into the Eevee family. The event focused around discovering Sylveon’s type. The shenanigans began when the Sylveon armed herself with a pair of nunchucks. Shoko Nakagawa (the one dressed as Sylveon) was abruptly tackled by a very brawny man, hinting that Sylveon’s type is not Fighting. Following that, Shoko chopped a block of ice into pieces, giving us the impression Sylveon was strong against Ice.

Believe it or not, this happens almost every week on Pokémon Smash. Now, back to business…

Being weak against Fighting but strong against Ice led the cast to believe Sylveon was a Steel type. They tested their hypothesis by making Shoko inhale vile odors, representing the Poison type. Steel types are immune to Poison attacks in the Pokémon games. Shoko reacted rather strongly to the stench, so this could either mean Poison is super-effective or simply effective on Sylveon.

I swear, this is the last time I’m relating the events of Japanese TV shows.

Anywho, Steel type is out of the question. Now we are left with several possibilities concerning Sylveon’s type.

The Rock type is strong against Ice, but weak against Steel and also affected by Poison. Sylveon could very well be a Rock type then, although that is one weird looking Rock type.

Another possibility is a dual-type pocket monster, although that would ruin a streak of single-type Eeveelutions. Sylveon may also include a special ability, opening it up to new strengths and weaknesses, but the show was not teasing Sylveon’s ability.

My money is banking on a new type. The “Fairy” type is certainly a possibility, but anything from Light to Sound to Love could fit in nicely into the Pokémon universe. I’m excited for new type, if Game Freak makes one. I know a lot of people who won’t be, but I think the competitive arena could shake it up a bit. Let’s see where Sylveon takes us in the sixth generation.

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