Ever since Shenmue III‘s announcement at E3, Yu Suzuki and his team have been hard at work trying to complete the long awaited third entry in the series. Despite being deep into the developmental phase, Yu Suzuki has decided to give fans an update on Shenmue III‘s progress. According to Suzuki, “Development is entering the final stage headed towards full-scale production.” Fans can expect to see some new Shenmue III footage early next year.

“Early in the new year, I think we’ll be able to show you things such as new videos. We will continue progressing with development so that our backers and those who experience the world of Shenmue for the first time can do so with pleasure.”
— Yu Suzuki

In addition to the new footage, Suzuki also announced that preorders for the PC version of
Shenmue III go live on December 15th. Shenmue III is scheduled to be released December 2017.

Source: Gematsu

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