With Splatoon‘s constant free DLC release schedule, a few fans like to dig into the code of the game to try and find some hints as to what could be released next. This time, YouTube user NWPlayer123 found many new weapons, including Tri-Sloshers, Mini-Splattling Guns, and even an Octoshot replica. While new weapons are fun, one of the more interesting finds is the ability to play as an Octoling.

By simply editing the character number in his save file, NWPlayer123 was able to change their player model into an Octoling and play in an online private match. That the Octoling is already developed and implemented as a fully playable character suggests that they might be coming in a future update. The video above shows off the Octoling gameplay.

For more information about the upcoming weapons, check out this Imgur link.

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