Next Level Games, the team behind
Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Mario Strikers, and Punch Out!!, is working on their next big Nintendo title. Dan Pratezina, Presentation Animator over at Next Level, is busy at work on the new title, and he dropped a hint that their next game might be on Wii U, as described on his website.

He later removed mention of the Wii U, causing speculation that he may have inadvertently revealed the project’s platform and was told to fix it.

He said the following regarding the new project:

“After over ten years in film and television, I’m working in a gaming pipeline for the first time at Next Level Games, helping previs & animate in-engine cutscenes. Switching pipelines like this is a terrific brain-scramble, the crew is fantastic, and it’s a ton of fun being surrounded by Nintendo IP all day. It’s making me want a WiiU. Is that weird? Yes, it is. But here we are. Still not buying one though. Sorry Iwata-San.” — Dan Pratezina

The post was edited to have all mention of the Wii U removed, including his rather strange admission that he doesn’t actually own a Wii U and has no intention on buying one.

What could it possibly be? Are you excited? Hit the comments section to let us know what you think!

Source: GoNintendo

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