Many companies and games have community managers: people who are hired for the explicit purpose of communicating and working with fans.
Pokemon GO however, seems to lack someone in this crucial role. Andrew Krug is the global community manager for Niantic, but in a recent response to a fan’s question, he revealed that he has nothing to do with the Pokemon GO project, instead focusing solely on the developer’s other game, Ingress. He did mention that Niantic is actively looking for someone to fill the role.

Ingress, for the record, has seen some well-executed player support with frequent updates, in-game community events, and even real-world meetups. But the people who manage these types of things seem to be absent from Pokemon GO, and Niantic is looking to hire someone for the job. Pokemon GO has been in desperate need of someone in this role, with several updates removing and changing important features with no communication; however, the company has promised to try harder in this department.

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