Along with Pokémon GO Fest announced earlier this year, Niantic has detailed their summer plans for events and offers for the mobile game throughout the next couple months. From the United States to Europe to Japan, enthusiastic Pokémon GO players should be kept busy this season.

Pokémon GO Fest Chicago! will be held on July 22nd in Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois. The real-world event will feature Challenge Windows in which trainers will be able to catch Pokémon to earn global rewards like reducing the distance it takes to hatch eggs.

But even trainers outside of Chicago—anywhere in the world in fact—will be able to take advantage of these Windows in order to reap the benefits, and if they manage to catch enough Pokémon, the length of these bonuses will be extended for everyone. These benefits start being offered at 10:00 AM and is currently planned to end at 7:00 PM CDT for those interested. If trainers worldwide succeed in reaching a certain capture goal, a new mystery challenge will be issued at Pokémon GO Fest as well, which will lead to more global rewards for those who accept and best the trial.

Pokémon GO Safari Zone events will take place in Europe this summer too. A wider variety of Pokémon than usual will be able to be caught, including some that have thus far been exclusive to other continents! These events will take place on August 5th in Fisketorvet in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Centrum Cerny Most in Prague, Czech Republic; on August 12th in the Mall of Scandinavia in Stockholm, Sweden, and Stadshart Amstelveen in Amstelveen, The Netherlands; and on September 16th CentrO in Oberhausen, Germany, Les Quatre Temps in Paris, France, and La Maquinista in Barcelona, Spain.

Pikachu Outbreak will again happen in Yokohama, Japan from August 9th through the 15th. A special Pokémon GO experience will take place there, and more details will be revealed in the future.

Speaking of the yellow mascot, to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Pokémon GO, players can currently catch any wild Pikachu wearing Ash Ketchum’s hat from the anime in the game and will be able to do so until July 24th at 1:00 PM PDT.

Is this enough to keep you satisfied with GO this summer? There seem to be exciting events worldwide for fans, so let us know if you plan to attend any in the comments below!

Source: Niantic

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