One week ago today, longtime Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime officially retired. Reggie’s departure leaves Nintendo of America in the hands of the aptly-named Doug Bowser, but that creates a chain-reaction of position need. With Bowser moving up to the role of President, who will take over as Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing?

Today we learned the answer is Nick Chavez. Nintendo’s new VP made the announcement via
a short, humorous Twitter clip that plays off the name of his boss. Chavez has been at Nintendo for over nine years, working his way up from Director of Consumer Marketing to Senior Director to Vice President of Marketing before finally landing his current job.

His marketing experience goes back much further, however, as he also had a nine-year stint doing similar jobs for Yahoo. With nearly two decades of experience, he should be a fantastic fit as Bowser’s number two in the Americas.

Ben Lamoreux


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