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Nihilumbra Free Until July 4, PC Port On The Way


In honour of the iOS puzzle game Nihilumbra hitting its first birthday, its developers over at BeautiFun Games have made the game free from June 27 until July 4. If you haven’t played Nihilumbra yet, now is the perfect time for it. You simply change the game’s colour palette to alter the physics, and you can pick the game up now to play all the way through to the game’s surprising ending. If playing puzzle games on mobile devices doesn’t suit your fancy, you can feel free to wait a little while until the game is ported to PC.

As shown in the trailer, Nihilumbra is now coming to Linux, as well as Mac and Windows. The developers are still looking for support to get Nihilumbra through Steam Greenlight so it can be released on Steam for easy distribution.

Nihilumbra is available for free on your mobile device until July 4th and on PC soon.

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