As eSports events become more popular and lucrative around the world, Nintendo has been increasing their interest and support for the eSports community. Over the past year we’ve seen them partner up for events like a Splatoon tournament with a $1 million prize pool and a Mario Kart 8 tournament at Disney, and they’ve helped sponsor numerous Super Smash Bros. tournaments as well, netting them ESPN coverage. Speaking with [a]list daily, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime talked about Nintendo’s eSports presence.

[a]list daily: Last year Nintendo had a big eSports presence, and we’ve seen eSports continue to grow. What role does Nintendo play in eSports today?

Fils-Aime: eSports is a big and vibrant community. We view it as a community. We’re fortunate that we have one of the most acknowledged eSports games in Smash Bros. We’re also fortunate that various eSports leagues have experimented with Splatoon and that looks promising. They’ve experimented with Mario Kart, which could be fun for younger consumer tier within the eSports area. So we’ve got the content to leverage into this area. It’s something that we’ve continued to look at, and it’s something that we believe can be a great way to reach out to our consumers.

Would you like to see Nintendo be more aggressive in leveraging their games in the eSports market? Last year, Nintendo revived the
Nintendo World Championships (and Reggie himself has said that they could return and be expanded in the future), but no similar event was held this year.

Source: [a]list daily

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