Nintendo is struggling right now, with the Wii U not doing nearly as well as expected, and many analysts and critics in the industry have brought up a number of strategy changes that could turn things around for Nintendo. One of the biggest ideas, which is gaining support from a number of bigwigs in the industry, is that Nintendo should bring their first-party software to smartphones and tablets, capitalizing on the boom of smartphone games. Nintendo gave good reason not to develop for smartphones just recently, but it seems that their business is going to include smartphones in the future.

Any Wii U owner already knows about the Miiverse, Nintendo’s social add-on to its Wii U games. When on the main menu of the Wii U consoles, the “Wara Wara Plaza” is in the background, showcasing the newest Miiverse posts and other social aspects, such as what other players have been playing.

Back in April, Nintendo opened up the Miiverse to be accessible through browsers on PCs and smartphones, allowing players to view the Miiverse and post comments and other things. This is currently in beta, but it seems that Nintendo is going to be fixing up all of their browser-based operations, as they have recently confirmed that there will be a way that players will be able to manage their Nintendo Network accounts, including eShop purchases, through PCs and smartphones by the end of the year.

In a report from NicoNico News (translated by Siliconera), Nintendo is putting more focus on their digital sales, and a part of this is Nintendo Network account management from PCs and smartphones. This is an attempt to increase exposure of other games to players as they browse the eShop, which in turn could foster more purchases. It also shows players more of what Nintendo has in store for them, showing that the company is not down-and-out yet.

Joystiq asked Nintendo for clarification about this, and they responded. Nintendo’s Business Development Manager, Dan Adelman, told Joystiq that, while he is not “personally directly involved” with the project, it is coming to the players. In explanation of the project, he said players would be able to “log onto the site and set [purchases] up for download so that once they get home, it’ll be available for them and they can have that at their fingertips whenever they need it.”

This seems like it will be a really useful feature, especially when coupled with mobile Miiverse access and the possible inclusion of the Nintendo 3DS in the Miiverse and Nintendo Network account system.

What do you think? Are you ready for Nintendo to fully embrace online functionality?

Source: Siliconera, Joystiq

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