In an article I wrote the other day I talked about how the development team for Mario Kart 8 did their best to push the Wii U to the limit in terms of graphical capabilities. In an EDGE interview, game director Kosuke Yabuki discussed how the elements of each Mario Kart game are built from the ground up every time.

This time around, we really did add in a lot of new elements, but we also aimed to do away with explanations or tutorials as much as possible. The Mario Kart series cherishes both depth and breadth of gameplay; it’s broadly accessible and anyone can pick up a controller and start playing, but at the same time the games are also deep enough that players can achieve greater results through practice. Each time we make a Mario Kart, we make everything from scratch: programming, graphics and even the audio. Even if we’re making something similar to what was used in a previous title, it will be different because of the person doing it. We think the subtle change is crucial.

A lot has changed since these courses first appeared, from kart behavior to the camera and even the number of opponents, so we had to redesign the courses both in terms of their spacial layout and even the width of the tracks. We’ve also added in the antigravity, gliding and underwater mechanics, too, and the graphics and sound are all remade from scratch. But I hope these courses will still bring back some fond memories. – Kosuke Yabuki

I like the idea of having less explanations and tutorials, something that The Legend of Zelda series would benefit greatly from. Even though Nintendo uses a lot of the same elements in the Mario Kart series each game is able to be different by redesigning the game every time. Do you think this is a good method of video game creation? Should Nintendo save certain aspects to re-use in future titles? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Source: Go Nintendo

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