About a year ago, Nintendo discussed their plans to make a transforming Amiibo figure to promote Star Fox Zero. This Amiibo would be able to transform from an Arwing to a Walker and would be able to connect to the game itself, although its supposed use hasn’t been announced.

During an interview with Game Informer Magazine, Shigeru Miyamoto discussed the plans to make the transforming Amiibo, saying that the idea had to be scrapped since it was impossible to make the figure work at such a small size. As it is, only the Fox and Falco Amiibo will work with the game.

“We were working on a couple of ideas for the game for well over a year. There was one point where we had an Arwing Amiibo that would transform into the walker. But it was really tough to execute that in the normal Amiibo size and in a way that met with product-safety standards. We had to give up on it. For now, it’s only going to work with Fox and Falco from the Super Smash Bros. series.” — Shigeru Miyamoto

What do you guys think? Personally, I would have loved to see the transforming Amiibo, and it would definitely stand out among the rest. Although the plans for the Arwing-Walker didn’t work out, hopefully Nintendo can apply this idea to other Amiibo in the future.

Source: Game Informer (via Go Nintendo)

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