Nintendo has spoken to fans through Miiverse, addressing concerns and questions regarding the Miiverse redesign. The company has also stated the mentality behind the design, aiming for a more game-centric format. Post limitations will help keep the network “on topic” and focusing on video games.

“First and foremost, Miiverse is created for gamers to talk about games – to give everyone the chance to ask questions about a game/app, for example, or if you get stuck and need help in-game.

“But over time, some people have started using Miiverse for other things, such as long chats that are not strictly game-related. These posts would prevent others from enjoying their favourite communities to the fullest. In order to keep Miiverse game-centred for you, we decided to redesign Miiverse, which includes introducing the posting limitation.” — Erica, Nintendo Representative on Miiverse

That said, Nintendo addressed five specific points regarding the redesign. From the Activity Feed to Drawings, here’s what is about to change.

Some of you had concerns about other parts of the renewal as well. Let me clarify some of those for you:
1.) You will be able to attach screenshots to your drawings in the Drawings section.
2.) It will be possible to post the screenshots saved in your Album section into your Play Journal.
3.) We are planning to enable the posting of screenshots saved in the Album also into the “Drawings” and “Discussion” sections. This will be implemented sometime in the near future.
4.) Posts and comments made before the renewal will not be deleted and will be viewable also after the renewal.
5.) The Activity Feed will remain as it is, you just won’t be able to post in it. You can still see the posts made by your friends and the people that you are following.

Source: Miiverse

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