The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (launching next year on Wii U and Nintendo Switch) features a vast open world for players to explore freely, which is something it has in common with the original Zelda on NES. Thirty years after Link took his first step into the land of Hyrule, Nintendo is still drawing inspiration from the classic game, and Breath of the Wild reflects that in numerous ways.

Nintendo has just updated their official Japanese website with a blog and some screenshots that showcase four ways the next
Zelda title pays homage to its original predecessor.

From the moment you first step out into The Great Plateau in
Breath of the Wild, you’ll be greeted by the Old Man, just like in the original game. Unlike the first game, you’ll have to find your own weapons; Old Man doesn’t have a sword for you in Breath of the Wild.

Spectacle Rock (the collective name for a pair of rock formations found on Death Mountain) is back in
Breath of the Wild, but this time it’s much bigger.

The raft was a necessary exploration tool from day one in
Zelda, and you’ll need to make use of rafts to avoid taking damage from freezing water in Breath of the Wild. It moved on its own before, but you’ll need a Korok leaf to use it now.

Finally, a skull-shaped pattern marked the floor in Ganon’s lair in the original
Zelda, and Moblins take up shelter in a giant skull in Breath of the Wild.

Source: Nintendo (via Nintendo Everything)

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