It is still difficult to believe that the gaming industry has lost an icon and a legend in Satoru Iwata, who succumbed to a cancerous bile duct growth at the young age of 55. Iwata is renowned for his contributions in his field as a programmer and his overseeing of Nintendo’s many projects. He will be missed by grieving friends, family, coworkers, and fans alike.

Hirokazu Tanaka, who scored a number of Nintendo’s earlier arcade and console titles, paid tribute to the late president through song, remixing music from a game they had both worked on way back in 1984: Balloon Fight.

Tanaka, who also goes by “Chip” Tanaka and “Acerola Beach,” previously honored the memory of the late Hiroshi Yamauchi, the Nintendo president and CEO preceding Iwata, in a similar fashion with Super Mario Land and Metroid-themed remixes.

The feature image is by jpmeshew on deviantART, which you can view among other fan works in a tribute art gallery we have gathered for you here.

Source: Soundcloud

Dedicated to Satoru Iwata.

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