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Nintendo Confident in the Quality of Life, Calls it a New Pillar


Remember that mysterious announcement about “improving quality of life” made by Nintendo back in January? Well, the Big N is finally commenting on all the speculation and doubts.

In a recent fiscal meeting, Iwata reassured journalists in a Q&A session that Nintendo is putting their full creative force behind the Quality of Life. According to senior research analyst David Gibson, Iwata told people to not think “too narrow of Nintendo.” The company leader followed up by saying “[Nintendo] can make things fun, health services… We know how to get people hooked.

Nintendo’s confidence in the Quality of Life is evident in their future plans for the company. Nintendo’s current fiscal year represents a small amount of growth, according to the company. The Quality of Life is what will develop into another pillar to keep Nintendo afloat. Growth of the Quality of Life will reach a major role in company profits by the year 2017.

Check out Gibson’s tweets below.

What do you think of Nintendo’s emphasis on the Quality of Life? What could it possibly be? Nintendo seems to be hinting at a health service, but it’s anyone’s guess. Sound off in the comments below.

Source: Twitter

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