A surprise reveal from Nintendo at E3 was Mario Maker, a level creator that lets players design, play, and share custom Mario levels. Mario Maker will launch this year with assets from at least four different Mario games, but the possibilities extend even further. Producer Takashi Tezuka has hinted that assets from other, non-Mario titles could be used in the game, and Nintendo of America’s Bill Trinen recently said that, depending on how people react to the game, other Nintendo teams could make similar games. Here’s his full answer on the topic:

We have nothing to announce on that now. Mr. (Takashi) Tezuka is working hard on Mario Maker and the game is progressing really nicely. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun seeing what people are able to do with the game when it comes out. During E3, we had everyone from moms and kids to longtime Nintendo fans and newer folks who just got into gaming lately just having tons of fun with the way they’re able to create stages. Depending on how people react, we’ll see if the teams take a similar approach with other franchises.
— Bill Trinen

There’s nothing in the works at this time (as far as we know), but Nintendo has an incredibly rich library of assets and characters that would lend themselves well to a user generated content experience. Would you like to see franchises like
Donkey Kong or Metroid get the Mario Maker treatment?

Source: Reno Gazette-Journal

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