UPDATE: Well, this is exciting! Only hours after the announcement, Nintendo has reversed their decision and allowed Melee‘s tournament to be streamed after all.

I’ve just receive word from Nintendo that the Evo Smash Bros. Melee stream will be allowed to proceed. We will be restoring the original stream and tournament schedules. Obviously this is a huge relive for all of us here and we’re thrilled that the world will get to see the best Smash players fight it out this weekend. Thanks to everyone online who supported both Evo and Smash.

Original Post: The EVO 2013 fighting game tournament was originally going to stream a competition of Super Smash Bros. Melee for the public, allowing people across the world to watch the best brawlers go head to head. Unfortunately, that plan is now canned. Nintendo of America has not given permission for Melee to be broadcast at EVO 2013.

Fans raised over $95,000 for donations to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to help popularize the idea, effectively allowing Melee in the tournament. Nintendo fans took their own time to raise money to watch the best Smash players duke it out. Keep in mind, many companies pay for their games to be featured at EVO. Warner Bros. dished out a handsome sum to have Injustice: Gods Among Us at the tournament.

The schedule for EVO 2013 has changed. Persona 4 Arena and King of Fighters XIII are now in Melee’s old streaming time slot. The finals for all three games have also been switched around to accommodate the changes.

I, for one, am incredibly pissed off. The fact that fans raised money to have the game present at EVO made me happy. Now, Nintendo has destroyed their hard work. Granted, Smash is still present at the tournament, but many people, including myself, will no longer be able to witness the competition. Companies pay money to have games at EVO. Nintendo is refusing free-advertising for an eleven year old game.

What do you think? Is it a good move by Nintendo, or a dumb one? Is it a reasonable one? Sound off in the comments.

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