It seems like every week we hear some new rumor about Nintendo and their next console. While rumors can be very exciting, they are very often debunked quickly. So, rather than regaling you with the wonders of what a rumor can bring, we have hard facts on something Nintendo may be currently working on.

Information processing system, information processing program, information processing method and imaging device” is a patent that Nintendo filed with the Japan Patent Office on August 26th, 2014, though it was just made public on Monday, April 4th. The patent, held by Fumihiko Inoue, an engineer who helped design the circuitry for the 3DS and who also holds two other patents with Nintendo, describes a machine that detects three dimensional movement using cameras and mirrors.

The patent notes go on to describe the machine’s application as both a controller and a projector, meaning it could conceivably be a new console. However, there is no official word from Nintendo on the patent, nor is there any proof that it will be eventually be created. Having a patent only means they have ownership rights after all. But it is very cool to have an official document that shows what Nintendo might actually be working on.

You can find thew translated patent notes here, where a NeoGAF member has organized them into a somewhat understandable fashion.

Does the described console sound like something you would like to play? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: NeoGAF (via Nintendo Everything)

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